Craft52 Case Study: Flylow Gear


Success Story: Flylow

The Scope

Through a relentless dedication to their customers, quality gear, and a homegrown, mountain raised attitude, Flylow has become one of the true success stories in the outdoor industry. When it came to growing a DTC business however, they knew they needed to call in the professionals.

What they wanted

At first, an email marketing overhaul.
And then, a trusted partner in growing their ecommerce business.

How we did it

Retooling the email campaign approach and adding automation.
Launching the brand’s first significant advertising initiative.
Helping build a product forward, customer-focused ecosystem.
Getting our hands dirty with data.

How it worked out









“The world of digital marketing is full of shiny objects and promises of positive ROI’s to grow your business. The snake oil salesmen are alive and well in the 21st Century. Craft 52 has helped us tune out the noise and focus on tactics that are specific to our brand that deliver tangible results and increased customer engagement. I would highly recommend Craft 52 to any small business looking to grow their marketing outreach.”

Jeff Wogoman, Marketing Director, Flylow

The Backstory

Flylow came to Craft 52 in 2018 in search of firepower to improve their email marketing efforts.

“How do we build better emails?”

We consider email marketing one of the foundational channels necessary for any ecommerce business so it was pretty easy to get to work: new templates, cleaned lists, better campaign cadence, consistency.  When the results were pretty much immediate, Flylow looked at us and asked “what else can you do?”

In 2019, we transitioned the brand to our preferred ecommerce marketing platform Klaviyo, and launched a suite of automated customer engagements. Throughout the process we remained intently focused on ensuring every customer touchpoint enhanced the brand experience. We never wanted to be too prodding or intrusive, our goal was always to deliver the right content at the right time, and let Flylow’s excellent product and brand story convert the sale.

With sales continuing to climb, we got our hands dirtier and dirtier with the brand. Content planning, SEO, advertising, website consulting, a business intelligence platform—Craft 52 is lucky to be part of a small but knowledgeable and effective marketing team that steers all things in the direct-to-consumer channel. Over the years we’ve built a trust that allows us near full autonomy across the traffic & content channels we manage on behalf of the brand.

As we close out year three of our partnership with Flylow, we’ll be nearing four fold growth in the DTC channel with ambitious targets for the future. The next challenge will be onboarding the new Shopify Online Store 2.0 functionality, managing a more robust content ecosystem, continuing to build brand & customer engagement, and further optimizing our trusted traffic channels.


“Flylow is fiercely dedicated to their customers, and they take a no BS approach to their brand. Make great product. Get that product in front of the right audience. Make the purchase experience & every brand interaction easy. Craft 52’s approach to digital slots right into their style. Execute with consistency. No surprises. Good vibes.”

Kevin Luby, Founding Parter, CRAFT 52

Client Q&A

What was the main reason you chose to work with Craft52?

The group at Craft52 attracted us because of their previous experience in digital media, content, and commerce. As well as a deep knowledge of our industry.

What has been the most enjoyable part of the process so far?

It’s refreshing to know that things will get done on time and at a high level of quality without having to project manage our campaigns. We’re not always on schedule and Craft 52 has been super flexible in meeting our deadlines when we drop the ball on our end.

What have been some unexpected outcomes of our work together?

I’d say a pleasant surprise has been the level of analytics expertise that Craft52 has. We initially hired them to produce content, manage our email program, and deliver advertising campaigns. But, their depth of knowledge in delivering strategic recommendations based on customer behavior and campaign data has been very helpful.

How did your partnership with Craft 52 help build/improve/evolve your business?

The list of examples where Craft52 has helped improve our business would be too long to put on paper. They helped evolve our business because it’s a partnership in the truest sense of the word. They don’t have cookie cutter approaches to every client. They understand our business specifically, listen intently, and have the skills and experience to create solutions that work for our brand.