Success Story: Pappy & Company

The Scope

Pappy & Company is a family-owned bourbon lifestyle brand founded by the great granddaughters of Pappy Van Winkle. By leveraging the family legacy and their modern, sophisticated tastes, they make & offer products adored by bourbon enthusiasts around the country.

What they wanted

At first, some advertising support.
And then, the complete toolkit for growing their business.

How we did it

Launched and scaled advertising channel
Reinvented email marketing & automation.
Developed a full suite of business intelligence tools.
Provided the thought leadership the brand needed to grow.

How it worked out









Paid Advertising Execution

Email Template Design

Automations & Campaign Support

“The team at Craft52 has been instrumental in taking Pappy & Company’s digital marketing efforts to the next level. Kevin is excellent at communicating and understanding small business needs and making their budgets work hard for them. I would highly recommend CRAFT52 to any small business looking to grow their marketing outreach.”

Molly Patton, Marketing Director, Pappy & Co

The Backstory

Pappy & Company came to Craft 52 in search of an advertising partner. Three years later we are an indispensable member of the marketing team. 

“We’d like to explore some digital advertising.”

As requests go, this first one from Pappy & Company marketing director Mollie Patton was pretty straightforward, and Craft 52 was happy to oblige. As we dove deeper with the brand though, we realized significant potential. In those initial few months of executing the brand’s first significant advertising push, we were able to offer additional guidance in other channels to help the whole digital ecosystem run a little smoother.

In that first year (2019), we helped the brand catch up to and hit their annual sales goals after a slower than anticipated start to the year. Thanks to that initial success, Pappy & Company tapped Craft 52 to overhaul additional elements of their digital marketing strategy. Our experience, our work, and our ability to understand communicate the brand, allowed Pappy & Company to trust us as the thought leaders behind their digital DTC business in 2020.

After overhauling the email marketing channel, adding sophisticated marketing automation, scaling up advertising efforts, and building some simple data tools to better track and measure our efforts, we ended up beating Pappy & Company’s 2020 DTC sales goals by more than 270%. And thanks to that growth, the brand is on a completely different trajectory.

Now in 2021, Craft 52 is fully integrated into Pappy & Company’s business. We are one of the key players in steering the business’s growth, and we interface with every layer of the company. Our recommendations help decision makers in the C-suite, marketing, operations, customer service and more. Plus, we still execute important, growth-minded digital channels like advertising and automation. Next up, a full Shopify website rebuild is scheduled for late this year.

Thanks to this deep & integrated partnership, Craft 52 has a strong, reliable partner and Pappy & Company is on track to beat revenue targets again in 2021. It’s the exact type of relationship we like to cultivate.


“Our partnership with Pappy & Company is our ideal relationship. We took a small advertising project and turned it into a multi-year, cross-channel engagement based on our belief in the brand, their trust in our work, and real needs we’ve identified together. This is how we like to do business.”

Kevin Luby, Founding Parter, CRAFT 52

Client Q&A

What was the main reason you chose to work with Craft52?

Our company was growing and knew we needed to onboard a digital marketing expert who could help us with the next major growth phase of our business. We wanted to capitalize on untapped channels for strong and more impactful marketing with clear ROI and we knew Kevin’s team was a solid match for our needs as well as business culture.

What has been the most enjoyable part of the process so far?

I think of Kevin as a business partner and for the most part an in house employee. He is committed, personable and truly cares about the interest of our brand as if it was his own.

What have been some unexpected outcomes of our work together?

The pace at which we are growing and the exponential return on investment his team has demonstrated is pretty incredible. It was a relationship that started on the conservative side of engagement and now all we wonder is, “how can we get more of Kevin’s expertise”?

How did your partnership with Craft 52 help build/improve/evolve your business?

This list feels like it could go on for days. Kevin alone has been a sounding board and partner and offered council in so many ways. His ever expanding knowledge in the digital space is truly impressive and most of all his humble approach to always under promise and over deliver has made our marketing department so much stronger and a clear driving force for the overall brand’s expansion. We feel so grateful to have Kevin on our team. Thank you!